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Writer/Director/Executive Producer: Mary Mazzio
Creative Consultant: Scott Timmins                 Editor: Collin Cameron
Director of Photography: Richard Klug
Music: Sheldon Mirowitz
Supervising Producer: Michael Dehni
Still Photographer: Richard Shultz
Second Camera Operator (London):
Patrick Neale
Additional Still Photographers: Joe Piccolo, Andrew Howe
Assistant Camerapersons: Tim Sweeney, Von Scott, Nate Clapp, Daedra Kaehler, Chris Collins, Elizabeth Trott, Julia Curtin
Sound Recordists/Boom: John Cameron, Lisa Pinero, Mark Mandler,
Jeff Irwin, Jim Gilchrist, Doug Smith

Gaffers: Ken Perham, Kenny Christiansen, Patrick Haley, Dave Mikutsky
Still Camera Assistants: Al Colantonio, Jeff Crowe, Takashi Sato, David Halloway
Assistant Editor: Brad Johanson
Production Assistants: Bradley Hyland, Kate Mullaney, Emily Walsh, Jon Adelman, Jess Beck, Abigail Reider, Blake Pedersen, Steven Powers,
Steve Allot

Graphic/ Website Design: Jeff Likes Chili (Paulo Lopez, Nicole Parente,
Liz Abbate)

Editorial Production: Panache Editorial
Sound Production: Mixology
Sound Mixer: Jeff Largent
Telecine/Color: Finish
Colorist: Greg Dildine
Online Editor: Eamonn Conway, Matt Rogers
Still Photomotion: Frame Shop
Film Processing: Duart Film and Video
8mm Transfer: Eclipse
Legal Services: Paul Hartnett, Esquire
Accounting Services: Dave Heath, Kathleen Allen
Music Clearance: Jeanne Fay
Public Relations: Mike Chmura and the Babson PR Team; Deb West, Eric Moffit, Jackie Herskovitz/Teak Media
Teaching Guide: Ernie Parizeau, Adrian Alleyne, Andrea Thies, Paul Hartnett, Meredith Starr, and Lori Koppelman                                                                                     Television Distribution Consultant: Mike Wheeler                                                 Portuguese Translation of film:  Bob Wollheim, elabSSJ

Footage Courtesy of:
Peter Huston, John Capellupo and Emotion Pictures LLC
American Express and Ogilvy & Mather
Home Depot
Virgin Management
Nantucket Nectars
Penelope Maunsell & Associates
Producers Library Service
ABC News Video Source
Photographs Courtesy of:       
South Milwaukee High School, Richard Regner and Denise Roszak
Robert Bachrach and Bachrach Photography
Cary Hazelgrove
Jerry LeBlonde and John Deputy
Mark Smith
Shirley Simmons
David O’Driscoll
Mark Greenberg/WorldPictureNews
Thierry Boccon-Gibod
David Bartolomi
Reuters NewMedia Inc./CORBIS
Lynn Goldsmith/CORBIS
Getty Images
The Blank Family
The Simmons Family
The Koplovitz Family
The Scott Family
The Reinhart Family
The Starr Family
The Branson Family

Special thanks to:
Lori Levin, Debbie Dar, Rob Blumer and Virgin Management
Jemima Garthwaite, Sue Hale, and Richard Jeffs
Kimberly Shreckengost, Camille Trott, and AMBFO
Michael and Carmen Blank
Andy Cohan and Charlie Maimee
Simone Reyes, Christina Paljusaj, and Holly Taylor
Chris Davidian, Vicky Reddin, and The Milwaukee Art Museum
Jackie Herskovitz and Teak Media
Joe Knochin and International Bike
Carole Carter and the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Hotel
Mayra Kalisch
Christine Smith and Chelsea Simmons
Kathleen Franzene and Merrimack College
Harvard Business School Publications
Fortune Magazine
Noreen Breslin Moross and Panache Editorial
Joe Monge and DuArt
Bestor Cram and Northern Light Productions
John Rule and Rule Broadcast
Bob Mastronardi and Kodak
Boston Camera
The New York Film Office
The Wisconsin Film Office
Margie Sullivan, Libby Delana, and James Overall                                            Mike Wheeler
Jay Manson, Jamie and Daisy Mazzio-Manson
Susan, Katherine and Olivia Timmins

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