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Online Orders:  Special Sale. CLICK HERE FOR OUR SECURE ONLINE STORE to order the DVD of LEMONADE STORIES as well as our other films, A Hero for Daisy and Apple Pie. (NOTE:  POSTERS, HATS, and VEST JACKETS now available - see below).  NEW: Subtitled DVD and transcript of entire film now available in Portuguese. Click here to order Portuguese version.

Orders via fax and mail:  Purchase orders for educational institutions can be emailed to office@50eggs.com or sent by mail, along with a check payable to "Fifty Eggs, LLC." to: P.O. Box 81005, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481.  

Educational/Institutional DVD: $199.95. Plus $6.95 ship/handle. NOTE: freebies with this order include a teaching guide authored by Babson professor Ernie Parizeau and attorney Paul Hartnett, along with Adrian Alleyne and Andrea Thies (bios below). The teaching guide has sections for high school use; collegiate curriculum; business school and professional use, as well as a legal primer on how to start a business.  NOTE:  THIS VERSION PERMITS THE FILM TO BE USED IN GROUPS, IN CLASSROOMS, COMMUNITY GROUPS, and OTHER LIKE SETTINGS.

Consumer DVD: $24.95. Plus $6.95 ship/handleNOTE:  This version is for home use only and not for groups, schools, community groups.

Posters and Apparel: We have posters for Lemonade Stories and A Hero for Daisy ($24.95) as well as baseball hats (flex fit - $20) and reversible fleece-lined supplex vest-jackets ($60: S, M, L, XL) with our "50 EGGS FILMS" logo emblazoned. 

For questions or if there are any problems with your order, please call the 50 Eggs offices at (781) 237-3329 or email Fifty Eggs Films by clicking here.

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Teaching Guide Authors.

Ernie Parizeau.  An adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship at Babson College, Ernie teaches courses on starting new businesses.  A partner with Norwest Venture Partners, a longstanding venture capital firm headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Ernie has actively invested in over 40 early stage companies in the software, semiconductor, communications, health care, education and retail industries.  Ernie, a Trustee of the Noble & Greenough School, is on the Board of Advisors for North Bridge Venture Partners and Weston Presido Capital.  A graduate of Dartmouth College (AB in Engineering Sciences and MBA), Ernie is an avid indoor rower.

Paul Hartnett A partner with the law firm of Brown, Rudnick, Berlack and Israels in Boston, Massachusetts, Paul has a broad corporate practice with a concentration in mergers and leveraged buy-outs.  Paul, a graduate of Harvard College and Boston College Law School, serves on the Board of Directors for Newton Pop Warner Football (as well as a coach) and the Board of Directors for Newton Little League Ė East.

Adrian Alleyne.  Marketing Manager for the Arthur M. Blank Center for Entrepreneurship since 2002, Adrian oversees the promotion of Babson's entrepreneurship brand though print, public relations, and the web.  Prior to Babson, Adrian served as product marketing manager for management software companies Yantra and CommercialWare.  Adrian has an MBA from Babson College.  Adrian also spent six years as a high school English teacher and coach.  Like Ernie, Adrian is becoming an avid indoor rower.

Andrea Thies.  A math teacher at the Arlington Middle School, Andrea was a member of the 1992 and 1996 US Olympic Rowing Teams.  Andrea worked for many years in hazardous waste management before becoming a teacher.  She is a graduate of Cornell and the Harvard School of Education, where she focused on early childhood mental health issues.  Unlike Ernie and Adrian, Andrea tries to avoid indoor rowing.

Lori Koppelman. Lori Koppelman is the Director of Teacher Support and Professional Development for NFTE New England.  Prior to joining NFTE, Lori taught Marketing Education at Middleboro High School (MA) and Mercer County Technical School (Pennington, NJ).  Lori is a graduate of SUNY's Fashion Institute of Technology and holds a BS degree in Marketing Communications. 

Meredith Beaton-Starr.  An occupational therapist, Meredith received both her Bachelorís and Masterís degrees from Tufts University and the Boston School of Occupational Therapy.  She is currently a researcher in complementary medicine at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard medial School.  Meredith lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Billy, and her two daughters.





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